Olympus - Heavy Duty Soleniod Controlled Access Lock

• Heavy duty solenoid controlled access lock
• Designed for use on production cells and automated production and assembly lines where fast access is required
• The unit is locked by the solenoid when it is de-energized and opened when energized
• Ideal for all types of hinging or sliding access points
• Good tolerance for misaligned guarding
• Comes with the mechanical key override facility for the solenoid
• Capable of supporting category 4 safety systems through its 2N/C 1N/O contacts
• Available with either a stainless steel tongue actuator or a heavy duty handle


A typical application of Olympus solenoid controlled access lock is machine guarding. It is usually connected to power isolators via safety relays.

When the machine is in operation the access door is locked via the deenergized solenoid in the Olympus solenoid controlled access lock. To open the guard, the machine is instructed to stop via the control circuit. Once the machine has completed the cycle, an external signal is received by the solenoid. Retracting the tongue actuator will break the contacts ensuring the power is locked out.

The machine cannot be restarted until the door is closed and the tongue actuator is replaced in the Olympus solenoid controlled access lock.

  Type     1 2     3 4              
Part Number OLYM - S     - C                  
Example OLYM - S 24 D - C 24 D              

1 Solenoid Voltage 24 / 48 / 110 / 240 V
2 Solenoid Current D = DC / A = AC
3 Control Voltage 24 / 48 / 110 / 240 V
4 Control Current D = DC / A = AC