BD - Multi Key Panel Door Interlock

•   Two-part access interlock
•   Comprising of a main body and catch
•   Complete with secondary lock portions
•   The catch is available in two options, suited to both well aligned and mis-aligned doors
•   Ideally suited for use on light duty panel doors, where the lock is subject to light to medium use
•   Manufactured in brass
•   Available with FS or Q type lock portions


Castell BD multi key panel door interlocks are used as a part of a safety system, typically in machine guarding applications as in the below example.

The power supply to the system is switched on and the access door to the hazardous area is locked closed. The removal of the isolation key in the KSS, changes the switch contacts provided for electrical supply to the electrical supply to the LV panel from closed to open. This key is then used to unlock the door by inserting key in the BD panel door interlock and releasing the trapped personnel key and then the catch. This will trap the isolation key in the BD interlock. The released key is taken by the personnel to the machine area.

The power cannot be switched on until the personnel key is returned, the door is closed, the catch is trapped in the BD panel door interlock and the isolation key returned to the KSS.

  Type   1 2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
Part Number BD -     -   -   -   -   -   -   -  
Example BD - FS B - F - 1S - E - RE - STD - 4 - TBA

1 Lock portion type FS / Q
2 Material B = Brass, standard
3 Mounting P = Panel mount (back of board)
F = Front of board mount, mounted on door surface
4 Secondary lock portion(s) 1S / 2S / 3S / 4S / 5S or 6S = 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 or 6 secondary lock portions respectively
5 Key condition E = Exchange key condition (secondary key free, primary key trapped while catch is trapped)
D = Double key condition (sequential removal of all keys with catch trapped)
6 Catch entry RE = Rear entry
FR = Front entry
7 Catch type STD = Standard catch, use for well aligned doors
MS = Catch with spring, use for misaligned doors
8 Form 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
9 Lock portion symbols:
Please advise for each lock portion separately as
primary lock (next to the catch) / secondary lock
(see also item 5)
FS up to 3 characters / Q up to 6 characters