FMA Safety Switch

The F-TYPE safety switches are a fully electronic, totally encapsulated, fail-safe switches designed to work in harsh conditions. This electronic safety switch is designed for use with the F-Series safety control units and provides not only long term reliability, but also a consistant switching distance (10 mm +/- 0.5). This makes the F-TYPE safety switch quick to install, tolerant to misalignment, and capable of providing years of trouble free service.

The Dynamic Signaling techniques continuously monitor each safety switch. Damage to the safety switch cable or the switch itself will result in the safety control unit going to a safe state. Indication at the control unit will speed up any fault diagnosis.

The robust design, ABS housing with completely encapsulated electronics and cable entry, provides a safety switch that really can withstand harsh environments. High pressure hose cleaning, wash-down procedures, dust or machine oil and metal shavings have little or no effect on the F-TYPE safety switches. The 6 mm pre-drilled fixing holes through the body of the switch make for easy fitting and exceptional physical strength.

Operation: Electronic
Max. Switches per system: 30
Switching Distance: 8 - 10 mm
Construction: ABS, Resin filled
IP Rating: IP67
Cable Lengths: 5, 10 and 15 M (Max 100 M)
Cable Protection: Anaconda
Features: Rugged construction, relaible in harsh environments
Approvals: TUV Category 4, CE