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Safety & Sensing Mats
A broad range of standard and custom-designed pressure-sensitive mats available.
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Sensing Edges
Collision and contact protection with a compact, compliant surface. Choice of profile, sensitivity, and over travel characteristics.
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Safety Interface Modules
Provides the Fail-Safe link between a sensing device and a machine or process. Compatible with all our sensing devices.
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Switch Products
A diverse selection including ribbon switch, touchpads, foot and hand switches, remote switches, vehicle sensing and customdesigns.
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Safety & Sensing Bumpers
Pressure-sensitive actuation with large cushioning surface that protects both personnel and equipment.
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Non-Contact Interlocks
Magnetic and electronic non-contact interlocks and systems, available in F-Series, SSS, ISIS, HE-Series and Magnasafe to guard areas.
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Trapped-Key Interlocks
Available in different models, including mechanical access, key exchange units, mechanical bolt, control power isolation, time delay units and Solenoid controlled switches.
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Light Curtains
Type 2, Type 4 safety light curtains for industrial applications.
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