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KL - Dual Key Bolt Interlock

•   Dual key bolt interlock is a key operated mechanical bolt interlock
•   Designed for the control of electrical switchgear
•   Comes with a 15,88 mm diameter bolt of variable lengths
•   Available with FS or Q type lock portions
•   Manufactured in either brass or stainless steel
•   Ideal for use in standard or harsh, corrosive environments
•   Available in a double key or exchange key condition


KL dual key bolt interlocks are used as a part of a safety system. A typical application is where the electrical and pneumatic supplies to the machine are switched on and the access doors to the hazardous area are locked closed.

Keys A and B are trapped in the KL bolt interlock, preventing access to the machine area. To enter the area, the pneumatic supply must be turned off. Turning the keys in the KL bolt interlock will extend its bolt. The released keys ensure the bolt remains in extended position locking off the disconnector. The released keys can now be taken to the machine area to gain access via the AI access interlocks.

The disconnector cannot be switched on until both access doors are locked closed and both keys replaced in the KL bolt interlock.

  Type   1 2   3   4   5   6        
Part Number KL -     -   -   -   -          
Example KL - FS B - 6,4 - 4 - E - TBA        

1 Lock portion type FS / Q
2 Material B = Brass / S = Stainless steel
3 L Dimension (bolt length when retracted) in mm 0 / 6,4 / 12,7 / 19,1 / 25,4
4 Form 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
5 Key Condition D = Double key condition (both keys are free while bolt is extended)
E = Exchange key condition (primary key is trapped while bolt is extended, secondary key is free)
6 Lock portion symbol:
Please advise for each lock as for
primary and secondary locks separately
FS up to 3 characters / Q up to 6 characters