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ISIS Safety Switch

The ISIS safety switches are suitable to use in most machine guarding applications. Based on 'coded magnet' technology they are easy to install, reliable in operation and difficult to defeat.

A major advantage of the ISIS system is the ease of connecting the safety switches. Unlike most systems that require 6 or 7 connections to each switch to achieve CAT 3 and above, the ISIS requires only a simple 2-wire connection. Each switch is monitored individually and short or open circuits are detected immediately, not waiting for the next demand on the safety system.

The ISIS safety switches are compact, robust and ideal for use on hinged, sliding or lift-off machine guards. As the switches are fully encapsulated in an ABS housing they can be placed in ‘high pressure washdown’ or dusty areas with no problems.

The 8 mm switching distance makes installation quick and simple, (the inital alignment is less critical than for mechanical switches). It also means they are tolerant to guard vibration and misalignment making them very reliable over long term use.

Operation: Coded Magnetic
Max. Switches per system 30
Switching Distance: 8 mm
Construction: 316 Grade Stainless Steel or ABS, Resin filled
IP Rating: IP67
Cable Lengths: 3, 5, 10 and 15 M (Max 100 M)
Features: Single point switching gives reliable starting and reliable operation
Approvals: TUV Category 3, UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment, CE