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Laser Alignment Tool

The LAD laser alignement device makes it possible to obtain a fast and reliable optical alignment of the ReeR safety light curtains of the EOS4 and EOS2, Admiral, Vision, Micron, Metron and Janus series; they are also compatible with the use of the FMC floor mounting columns.

The LAD devices emit a laser beam with visible red light with useful range up to 100 m.

Light source: Laser diode - wave lenght 650 nm
Class light source: 1
Range (m): 100
Beam divergence (mrd): 0,5
Max. power(mW): 1
Power supply (VDC): 3 (2 AAA batteries)
Fastening: Quick to th light curtains
Dimensions h x w x d (mm): 117 x 48 x 80 - LAD 2 and LAD 4
70 x 78 x 70 - LAD 3