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EOS4 XH - High Range Models With Built-in Control Function

EOS4 XH - High range models with built-in control function

Built-in, selectable manual/automatic Start/Restart.
Feedback input, with selectable enabling, for external relays monitoring (EDM).
Two safety PNP static outputs, auto-controlled.
Unshielded cables up to 100 meter long.
An effective light curtain for directly controlling and monitoring machine circuits with no need of external safety modules.
Muting functions through external AD SRM interface, Mosaic or Safety PLC.
High operatve range: up to 20 m.

Degree of protection: IP 65 - IP 67
Operating temperature (°C): -20 ... 55
Power supply (VDC): 24 ± 20%
Response time (ms): 2,5 ... 20
Signalling: LEDs for light curtains status and diagnostic
Safety outputs: 2 PNP - 400mA at 24 VDC with protection against short circuit, overload and reverse polarity
Height of controlled area (mm): 160 ... 2260
Operating Range (m): 0 ... 10 low range
3 ... 20 high range