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Floor Columns

Support columns for ReeR safety light curtains and deflection mirrors, designed to provide secure fastening to the floor, fast installation, and a simple and precise adjustment of the optical alignment of the system.

• Steel base with springs for a perfect adjustment of the column vertical axis
• Columns made by aluminium extrusion poles, with adjustable angular orientation
• Easy assembling and disassembling of the light curtain with easy adjustment of the first beam's height
• FMC E, FMC B and FMC SG models for light curtains
• FMC E R and FMC B R models for light curtains complete with PG11 rear union for light curtain cable sheath
• Assembled deflector mirrors to realize perimeter protections up to 4 sides
• FMC-SB models with pre-installed independent adjustable deflection mirrors for safety light grids with 2, 3 and 4 beams.
• Optical power reduction factor 15% (for each mirror)
• Special models equipped with mirror with protective anti-fragmentation film available on request
• Steel foundation inserts included with the product
• Built-in spirit level for a correct positioning of the vertical axis