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PSCU series of safety controllers can be used as safety devices for low-risk automation and machine control applications. These CE Certified safety interface modules have a single form C output relay (normally open, common, normally closed). This output changes state when the connected sensor device is actuated and can be configured to remain in this state (latched with manual reset) or to automatically reset once the sensor is cleared. The PSCU safety controller can be configured as a manual reset or auto-reset by the user.

These safety controllers are designed to be used with Tapeswitch low-voltage sensors such as ribbon switches, safety mats, sensing edges, or sensing bumpers. PSCU safety interface modules may be ordered with 11-pin plug-in mounting (with or without a mounting base) or configured for DIN rail mounting
•   Suitable for low-risk automation and machine control
•   Available in AC and DC versions
•   Choice of 11-pin plug-in or DIN rail mounting
•   Automatic or manual reset configurable by user
•   LED indicators show power and output status
Supply Voltage: 110/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 24 VDC 24 VDC
Mounting: DIN Rail Mounting 11-Pin Plug-In DIN Rail Mounting
Reset Mode: Selectable Automatic or Manual (Remote)
Output Relay: 1 Form C, N/O or N/C, Non-Safety Relay
Output Contact Rating: 4 A @ 240 V, Resistive, Non-Inductive
Applications: Control or Low-Risk Safety
Safety Standard Level 0: DIN 31006-2, Category 1: prEn 954-1
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