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MZ Controller
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The MultiZone Safety Controller is a custom designed controller that acts as an interface between various Tapeswitch sensing devices and a machine r process control. It is designed to monitor three to six zones and interface with various pressure-sensitive, normally-open switches made by Tapeswitch including ribbon switches, sensing edging / bumpers and safety mats.

The MultiZone Safety Controller incorporates built-in fault protection. It automatically detects an open or short within the sensor or its incoming cable and can also detect internal failures.

The MultiZone Safety Controller is a fully self-contained unit housed in a rugged industrial plastic enclosure and is designed to be wall mounted. The MultiZone contains 3 to 6 Tapeswitch PRSU/4 interface safety controllers. It can be designed to accept an optional input power source range of 85 - 264 VAC at an input frequency range of 47 - 63 Hz. The standard unit is designed to accept a regulated 24 VDC supply. Additionally the standard MultiZone safety controller is pre-wired for automatic reset and common safety outputs. Optional push button / key switch for manual reset and dedicated safety outputs are available upon request. The enclosure is supplied with 4 to 8 pre-drilled 7/8" access holes with caps. Tapeswitch can also supply custom hole sizes and locations on the enclosure.
• Custom designed for any application
• Controls up to 6 safety zones from one location
• Detects sensor, cabling or internal faults
• Automatic or manual reset or combination
• Visual status display of all zones
• Compatible with Tapeswitch sensing products
Supply Voltage: 24 VDC Standard, 110/240 VAC 50/60 Hz (Optional)
Power Consumption: 30 VA typical
Enclosure Type: Industrial Plastic
Protection Rating: NEMA 4A
Weight: 15 LBS.
Reset Mode: Automatic standard, manual or combination (optional)
Output Replys: Force guided safety relays, 5.0 A @ 240 VAC, resistive load
Monitor Output: Non-Safety 3-6 (N/C), 5.0 A @ 240 VAC Reistive load
Operating Temperature: 32 to 122˚F (0 to 50˚C)
Response Time: < 30 MS
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