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Our Non-Contact Interlocks include magnetic safety switches, coded magnetic safety switches, standalone electronic safety switches and uniquely coded electronic safety switch systems with up to 500,000 codes. Technical specifications for all these products can be viewed directly from this website.

As well as producing the most complete range of non-contact safety switches, we also design bespoke safety switches to the most stringent performance requirements. Our team of engineers can assist you in determining the most suitable product.

F-Series Safety System
F-Series Consisting of with ABS resin filled housing switch options of the F-Type(Large), B-type (Small), Dinky (smallest), SFMA (High Immunity Switch) and CMA (uniquely coded) switch types and modular control unit FMI (main unit) and FX1 (+1 guard) and FX 2 (+2 guard expansion units) at a CAT 3 or 4 safety system.

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Magnasafe Safety Switches
Magnasafe Consists of several switch options in MS5 (small), MS6 (slimline), MS7 (large), & MS8 IP67 rated, EMC tested/ CE/UL switches in either ABS or stainless steel housing that can be used with most safety controllers or optional SRL-1 (CAT 4, SIL3) safety control unit.

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HE-Series Safety System
BLANK Consisting of solid state, single point switching safety switches options in HE1 (small) and HE2 (Large) and SCU-1 control unit capable of monitoring up to 30 guards at CAT 4, SIL 3, Ple safety machine guarding system.

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ISIS Saftey Systems
ISIS Consisting of one type of ISIS safety switch in either ABS or Stainless Steel Resin housing and modular control units ISIS-4 (4 guards), ISIS-2 (2 guards), ISIS-E (+ 5 guards) at a CAT 3 machine guarding system.

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SS Series Safety Switches
SSS The SS Series Non-Contact Safety Switches are standalone electronic switches with safety contact outputs in the switch itself for a smaller, standalone, simpler, a lower category safety machine guarding system.

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