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ISIS-4 Safety Control Unit
BLANK The ISIS-4 Safety Control Unit can monitor up to 4 ISIS safety switches. This easy to install, 35 mm DIN Rail mounting housing provides 2 x safety and 1 x auxiliary output contacts (4 A / 230 VAC). Indicator LED’s in the ISIS-4 lid show the number of gates that have been selected, gate status, power and run.

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ISIS-2 Control Unit
BLANK The ISIS-2 control unit can monitor up to 2 ISIS safety switches and is housed in a slim-line (22.5 mm), DIN Rail mounting housing.

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ISIS-E Extender Module
BLANK The ISIS-E Extender module provides 5 safety switch inputs to an ISIS control unit (ISIS-2 or ISIS-4). Multiple ISIS-E extender modules can be connected together into one system, making it possible to monitor large numbers of machine guards, or to add gates to an existing system at a later date.

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ISIS Safety Switch
BLANK The ISIS safety switches are suitable to use in most machine guarding applications. Based on 'coded magnet' technology they are easy to install, reliable in operation and difficult to defeat.

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