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The ISIS-E Extender module provides 5 safety switch inputs to an ISIS control unit (ISIS-2 or ISIS-4). Multiple ISIS-E extender modules can be connected together into one system, making it possible to monitor large numbers of machine guards, or to add gates to an existing system at a later date. The ISIS-E requires 24 VAC/DC supply and a simple 2-wire connection from the ISIS-E to any active ISIS safety switch input. LED indication is available from all gate switches showing guard status.
Control Category: EN 954 CAT 3, SIL 3, PL-e
Supply Voltage: 24 VAC/DC
Power Consumption: 3 VA
Safety Switch Inputs: 5 (can build systems to 30 gates, need a main ISIS-2 or ISIS-4 Control Unit
Mounting: 35 mm DIN Rail
IP Rating: Housing IP40, Terminals IP20
Indication: Guard Selected and Status Indication
Features: Simple 2-wire connection to switches and main unit
Approval: TUV Category 3, UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment, CE
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