Safety Laser Scanner UAM-05LP-T301
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This compact, lightweight, mini scanner, provides full area coverage over a wide zoned protective area for intrusion detection, presence detection, and collision protection.
  • Protection zone : 5m 270°
  • Data Output via Ethernet
  • Master-Slave Function
  • Dual Protection
  • Encoder Input

Collision Prevention - 32 area patterns to accommodate the AGV travel path for collision prevention.

Area Protection - Detects humans or object entering the hazardous area.

Access protection - Detects access into critical zone. Reference boundary monitoring feature improves the safety by detecting the gaps around the protection zone and sensor's misalignment.
Detection Property Protection Range Maximum 5.0 M
Warning Range Max: 20m (Non-safety)*1
Distance Tolerance*1 +100 mm
Detection Capability From Black-Reflector Sheet (1.8%) to Retro-Reflector Sheet
Detection Angle 270°
Minimal Detectable Width Ø 30 mm (Max. Dist.: 1.8 m)
Ø50 mm (Max. Dist.: 3.0 m)
Ø70 mm (Max. Dist.: 5.0 m)
Scan Frequency 30 ms (Rotational Speed 2000 rpm)
Area Pattern MAX 32 patterns
Response Time OFF : 60ms ~ 510ms
ON : 270ms ~ 510ms
Optics Element Pulsed Laser Diode
Wavelength 905 nm
Safety Class Laser Class 1
Safety Type Type 3 (IEC61496-1,IEC61496-3)
Functional Safety SIL 2(Type B, HFT=1) (IEC61508)
PFHd 7.8×10-8 (T1=20year) : When master slave function is not in use
1.6×10-7 (T1=20year) : When master slave function is in use
Housing Size 80.0 mm (W), 80.0 mm (D), 95.0 mm (H) ( without cable)
Weight 0.8 kg
Protection IP65
Material Body Aluminum / Optical Window: Polycarbonate
Cable Flying lead cable length: 3M
Power Supply DC 24 V ±10%: Power supply from converter
DC 24 V - 30%/+20%: Power supply from battery
Cable length Length 20 m AWG 22, 26, 28
Power Consumption Normal (without load 6 W
Max. (with load) 50 W
Output Type OSSD 1/2
Output type (High side SW)
Output current (Max.: 500 mA)*3
Leak current (Max. 1 mA)
AWG 28
Load tolerance (L/R=25ms, C=1μF)
Output types (High side SW)
Output current : (Max : 250mA)*3
Leak current (Max : 1mA)
AWG 28
Load tolerance (L/R=25ms, C=1μF)
Output types (PNP Transistor)
Output current : (Max : 200mA)*3
Leak current (Max : 1mA)
AWG 28
Input Area pattern 32
(5 Inputs × 2 Channels)
Input Impedance 4.7 kΩ
Temperature -10 to + 50 degress C (No freezing)
Storage Temperature -25 to + 70 degress C (No freezing)
Humidity 95% RH with no condensation
Storage Humidity 95% RH with no condensation
Surrounding Intensity*` Less than 1500lx
Vibration Frequency range : 10~55 Hz Sweep rate : 1octave/min
Amplitude : 0.35mm ±0.05mm
Bump Acceleration : 98m/s2(10G) Pulse duration : 16 ms
  Outdoor Operation Not permitted
  Altitude Below 2000m
Interface Configuration USB2.0 (USB micro type-B connector)
  Data output Ethernet 100BASE-TX (Water proof connector)

*1. Distance when reflectance of the object is 90% or above.
*2. Additional distance of 200 mm is needed when the UAM is working under high reflective background.
*3. Total current supply of OSSD output and Warning output should be below 1.0A.
*4. When the light sources are located at ≧5° from the detection plane of UAM.
Not Available
Protection over a Wide Range
Up to 5 meters of protection zone and 20 meters of warning zone configuration to suit various application requirement.

Master-Slave Function
Maximum 4 units of UAM can be interconnected for Master-Slave operation when muliple units are required to guard the hazardous area. The system can be contolled by connecting the input and output signals to Master unit only. Important Note : It is not possible to control the actuators via master-slave bus communication.

Dual Protection Mode
UAM can simultaneously protect two hazardous areas. Separate OSSD signals are triggered for the respective protection zones making it possible to guard two machines with a single UAM.
Not Available
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